Resume Writing and More

Accelerated resumes stand out. But I do more than resume writing services.

I help you get a clearer sense of direction in your job search. I help you to identify and articulate the value you have to offer an employer. I give you a complete set of tools to navigate and promote yourself in the digital job market. And I teach you to use these tools to land interviews.


My clients don't just get jobs. They move forward in their careers with confidence.

Move Up • Move On • Make a Change 



The resource that recruiters refer. 

For almost a decade, I have helped professionals nation-wide move up, move on, and make career changes with confidence. Recruiters refer me because Accelerated Resumes present a candidate's core strengths clearly and succinctly.

Signature Service



My signature resume service includes everything job seekers need to market themselves effectively:

  • Personal coaching

  • A professional resume

  • A model cover letter

  • LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter profiles

  • Follow up support




Affordable outplacement services provide outgoing employees with personalized guidance from an expert who is familiar with the Santa Barbara region's unique employment environment. Employees may use their plan when and how they choose with no expiration date.

Success Story

"David is professional, personable and really knows his craft. He’s not just a resume writer; he is a career coach who works with you to pinpoint your interests and skills in order to optimize your chances of getting a job. He does an exceptional job in polishing your resume and setting you up with online platforms. He extends his services beyond his initial package offer by being available to help with a material review, advice or a word of encouragement."

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